Dungeon Crawler Review

Dungeon Crawler Review


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As a sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems that fall in those genres, whether it be independent comic books, movies, or games. I recently stumbled upon a collectible trading card game that fit perfectly in one of the categories.

Dungeon Crawler

If you’re a fan of fantasy, customizing mini figurines (40k), table top, and trading card games, then Dungeon Crawler is right up your alley.

I bumped into the creator of DC – Jey Legarie, at Con G last year. What attracted me to his game was the artwork and adorable mini figurines available, one of which *drum roll please* was a Tentacle! <3

DC was originally a video game concept in 1996, which evolved over the years into a table top game, then finally into a collectible trading card game.

Dungeon Crawler

The creators main focus was to allow the game to be played solitaire or competitively. After many trial and errors, and trying to maintain its basic concept, Jey managed to mold Dungeon Crawler into what he had hoped it to be, while keeping its original essence.

DC is set in a traditional fantasy universe, each card has its own unique artistic style. Which a lovely team of artists helped bring to life. The game also includes painted & unpainted plastic miniatures (compatible to Dungeons & Dragons, Heroscape, & Pathfinder).

DC also has a web comic available called Dungeon Crawler Adventures, which is available on the website along with other great items including, starter packs, booster packs, expansions, online gameplay demonstrations, flash turtorials, and more.

Dungeon Crawler

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December 15 2012

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